Water Damage Repair – Discover the Age of Water Spots

When you have backed-up bathtubs, toilets or sinks that overflow, it’s obvious that you’re in need of water damage restoration. Still, your property can sustain water damage in ways that aren’t as clear. Because you have pipes running all over your home, you can have a pipe leaking or an accumulation of condensation between your ceilings and walls. It’s an alarming problem since this isn’t visible- you won’t notice it until you have water damage, and then it’s difficult to identify how long the problem has lingered.

Yet, when you detect damage to your walls or water spots on your ceiling, these are clues indicating a leaky pipe or condensation causing a problem. Since the space is hidden, though, it’s difficult to ascertain how long the problem has lasted. While there isn’t an approach to know precisely how long your water damage problem has lingered, there are some ways to indicate whether the water damage is new or old.

Learn How Old the Damage Caused by Water is with These Steps

You can find out whether your water damage is new or old by following these steps:

  • History of the House: If your home has any spots from water damage, it’s fundamental to take note of them when figuring out whether damage generated from water is new or old. Additionally, you’ll want to be observant of any storms that could bring hidden water damage to the surface like heavy rain. Know your property, because modest leaks can take months to surface, and if you understand what’s new and what’s old, you’ll be able to diagnose your problem quicker.
  • Touch the Spot: You’ll be able to verify whether your water damage is new or old just by feeling it. An older spot is going to be mushy since the material has taken in a lot of moisture. A newer spot is going to be wet, but the material will have a feel solid.
  • Look for Rings: You know how tree rings indicate the age of the tree? The same approach can be used towards water spots. An older water spot will have rings around it. They will also be discolored because the spot gets soaked then dries and gets soaked again then dries again, etcetera. A newer spot will be darker with no rings circling it.
  • Examine the Materials: Learn about the material around your property, because water can get trapped by tiles and thick paint. So if spots created by water show up through these, this indicates the buildup of water has remained for awhile.
  • Mold Inspection: If you see that bacteria is present, the water damage has been there for about two to three days.
  • Deterioration: If your materials decompose from damage produced by water, this is normally the consequence of regular flooding or standing water. Rot normally won’t occur from the first situation of leakage.

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