Landis, NC Fire Damage Reversal

No matter the size, fires within your property can result in a trail of damage. From hot spots that melt and disintegrate possessions indoors to the fumes and dust that cover the area, a fire can cause massive harm to a building and everything within. If the fire is large enough, you might encounter costly repairs coming your way. Paul Davis Restoration of Charlotte, a licensed and bonded restoration company, can be the solution to the days after fire or smoke damage.

What We Do

Fire Damage – Fires damage everything they come in contact with, regardless of price. We start our restoration by conducting thorough evaluations of the damage before we repair and clean your belongings. That isn’t all we do. We also remove the water used to extinguish the fire and offer mold treatment. Whatever your situation is, you can depend on Paul Davis Restoration of Charlotte to work fast to eliminate the damage.

Smoke Damage – The fire isn’t the only thing that can damage a property. Smoke can reach just about any section of your property – even if it goes unburned. Smoke is also extremely damaging to your body because it can cause breathing problems and detrimental harm to your lungs. These risks make removing smoke damage fast a requirement. Paul Davis has the skills to neutralize the odors and sanitize the air. If you’re still battling smoke damage in your home, call Paul Davis today.

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If you’ve been affected by a fire, contact Paul Davis Restoration of Charlotte now to recover faster. Our team of contractors accurately evaluate your situation then work based on our extensive training and experience. Learn more about Paul Davis by calling us soon.

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