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Fire damage

Mooresville, NC Fire Damage Restoration

Whatever the scale, a fire within your property can leave behind a trail of damage. From hot spots that warp and disintegrate materials indoors to the fumes and dust that blankets the property, a fire causes massive harm to a property and its contents. Additionally, all this event can cause years of financial strain on you. Paul Davis Restoration, a licensed and bonded restoration company, can be your ideal in the days after fire or smoke damage.

Recovering from Fire & Smoke Damage

Damage from Fire – Fires destroy everything they touch, regardless of price. When you call Paul Davis Restoration of Charlotte, we examine the extent of your fire and smoke damage throughout your space, repair your home, and restore your damaged possessions. That isn’t all we do. We also clean up water from extinguishing efforts and offer mold remediation. We strive to get a property back to normal quickly, whatever fire damage looks like.

Air Damage – Fire alone can do lots of harm, but it isn’t the only hazard. Smoke can seep into almost any part of your office or home – even in places that didn’t burn. If there’s smoke and ash still in the atmosphere, it might be hard to breathe around the affected area. These health hazards make it important to remove any smoke damaged areas as quickly as possible. Our team is able to pinpoint any damaged area, eliminate smells, and sanitize the air. Have you experienced smoke damage recently? If so, now is the time to call your local Paul Davis team.

Why Paul Davis Restoration of Charlotte?

Paul Davis Restoration of Charlotte has the tools to help you get back to normal after a house fire. Our team of contractors accurately analyze the damage then act based on our extensive training and experience. Learn more about Paul Davis by calling us soon.