Sewage Backup Removal in Charlotte, NC

When most people think about dangerous situations, natural disasters and fires may be common scenarios. However, emergencies can come from your own home. Sewage overflow is a common problem that can have dire consequences if neglected. Even if the water flooding the area is safe, standing water invites different types of pathogens. When you have this issue, avoid handling it alone. Call the Paul Davis Emergency Services to offer sewer drain cleaning services.

Complete Sewage Removal

The gross factor isn’t the main reason to steer clear of sewer water. Big and small overflows can leak contaminated water into your home or even feed pathogens into your drinking water. Even drinkable water can bring pathogens in standing water. Raw sewage, for instance can host E. Coli, Leptospirosis and many more dangerous pathogens.

If the seepage or overflow is starting from the toilet trap or beyond, it may contain black water that has come in contact with unprocessed waste. Normally black water has stayed static for long enough to encourage the growth of pathogens. Natural water sources may also contain black water. Call the Paul Davis Emergency experts immediately if you experience a black water spill in your home or business.

Your Sewer Cleaning Company

If you ever witness a sewer leak in your home, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services. With years of experience, we understand the best ways to deal with the poisonous substances in black and gray water safely. Call our Charlotte, NC branch with any questions you may have. The longer you hesitate to treat water or sewer damage, the more serious the hazard will become. Call us today!